Selling or buying a home in Lagos requires a strategic approach. 

Whether you’re a Lagosian looking to upgrade to a new property, or an investor seeking to capitalize on the city’s Real Estate opportunities, mastering the art of selling a home in Lagos demands attention to detail, targeted marketing tactics, and adept negotiation skills.  

In this guide, we’ll delve into essential tips to help you navigate the vibrant Lagos Real Estate market and achieve a successful sale.


      1. Stage Your Home:  

Like anyone else, Lagosians are drawn to properties that exude style, comfort, and functionality. To them, comfort is paramount, style is crucial, quality is a must, and the location is undebatable when buying a home. 


Staging your home attractively is the first step to really turning a profit. To do this, you must organize and neutralize your space to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers, as well as improve your home’s exterior with well-maintained gardens, fresh paint, and tidy surroundings that make a strong impression and attract potential buyers. 


      2. Offer Unbeatable Pricing: 

Go the extra mile to conduct thorough research on recent property sales in your neighborhood, and consult a Real Estate expert to guide you in determining a realistic value (cost) for your property, especially to avoid overpricing your home. 


Although location plays a crucial role in the resale value of your home, positioning your property as a worthwhile investment opportunity, with a fair and enticing price that resonates with potential buyers, is one of the fastest ways to make a sale. 


      3. Spread the News: 

Put yourself out there, and do this in the best possible light. Invest in professional photography and videography services that properly showcase your home’s features and amenities.  


Then, you may go on to leverage online platforms – such as property listing websites, social media channels, and targeted digital advertising campaigns – to reach a large pool of Lagosians actively searching for homes.  


      4. Be Ready to Handle Negotiations: 

Prepare yourself to handle negotiations by clearly defining your priorities and setting realistic expectations for the sale.  


Be flexible and open to compromise on certain terms, while maintaining firmness on key aspects of the transaction. Work closely with your Real Estate Agent to evaluate offers and negotiate counteroffers. 


Remember, the goal is to sell. If you get a good price, sell. Don’t wait until your home becomes an artifact that lingers in the market for too long, as this has the potential to reduce the chances of a sale. 

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