We understand the significance of a home in a person’s life. We also know how hard you’ve worked to get here, and now that you’re ready to make your dream a reality we’re here to make it possible for you at the most affordable price


Homes Delivered

They Don't Make Homes Like This Anymore

No one gives you a home built with high quality standard and beautifies it with amenities that make life so much easier for you. Even if they did, they hardly situate it in a location that gives you access to the best part of the city and has the potential to earn you massive returns.  

But what if they did?

They won’t dare allow you to choose between various house types or even pay for it in the most convenient way using a very flexible payment structure. But, at Meridian Park, we have gone the extra mile to offer you all these and more at a price that no other will in the city of Lagos. You won’t find an offer this good anywhere else.

Why Choose Us

We know how hard you’ve worked to get here, and now that you’re ready to make your dream a reality, we’re here to make it possible for you.

Payment Plan

Pay for your home in the most convenient way possible.


You receive the exact quality of home you paid for


Access to amenities that make for a comfortable living experience


Receive up tp 50% ROI when you decide to resell.

This Offer is Bad News For Other Home Sellers On The Island

…but we’ll make it anyway.

On any other day, you might have settled for a home on the mainland because it’s cheaper but not today. We have not only successfully curated beautiful homes on the island with the same high quality that cost twice as much in the market, but we have also made it suit your budget perfectly.

How we did do that for you?

First, we compared similar homes in the area and lowered our entry fee to beat theirs by 20%. We didn’t stop there; we went a step further to create a highly flexible and customizable payment structure that enables you to spread your balance conveniently over 12 to 18 months. This offer is bad news for other home sellers on the Island but a great one for you. Anyway, this offer is short-lived because only limited units are available. Don’t miss your chance

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Not only are our homes the most affordable on the market, our entry rate is 20% lesser than any real estate developer on the Island. That means you can pay a very low initial deposit and spread your balance within 12 to 18 months conveniently. This way, not even your budget can stop you from owning one of our homes.