Luxury 3 Bed Duplex in Ajah at N20.99M outright.
3 Bed Duplex in Ajah at N18.99M.
A Dynamic 3 Step Formula that guarantees your entry into Luxurious living
The Most Affordable Homes at Premium Quality
A Prime Location
And the most Convenient Payment Plans
MERIDIAN AWOYAYA - 3 bed Deluxe duplex at N17.99m on outright purchase Offer pay and park in at N8.99M to collect keys.
Meridian Parks Paradise Abraham adesanya - 5 bed semi-detached @30.99m outright.
Meridian Parks Paradise abraham adesanya - 2/3 bed flats @ 3.6m initial deposit, spread balance over 10 years.
MERIDIAN abraham adesanya - 3 bed terrace @ 25.99m outright



Meridian Estate

It should never be that difficult finding the right home for your family, one that represents your desires; a serene environment, spacious rooms, recreational facilities, stealth security, ultimately an ideal place to raise and nurture your family while you build your legacy. You may have found quite a few and your budget is never a fit. Enough of looking for your home. We are ready to deliver it to you on a platter. This time, you have found the perfect home that meets all your demands, and not even your budget can stop you.

With our dynamic three-step formula: 1) the most affordable homes at premium quality, 2) a prime location and, 3) the most convenient payment plans, you are guaranteed your entry into luxurious living. We are not just affordable, we also provide you with best quality homes as well as living facilities that guarantees a serene environment to raise your family and live freely.

Why Choose US

We Build Quality Homes

Having delivered over 1500 homes in the past 3 years, our biggest pride is serving you. Many of our customers have come back to thank us for delivering on our promises, keeping our words, building quality homes and positioning them to grow their income by merely just living in our estates.

Great Investment Opportunity

With 9.99 Million naira, and an incredibly appreciating value of our real estate generating up to 30%. You can offload your investment in 3 years at a compounded interest value of N16,200,00.00. Ok, let’s say 3 years is a stretch, in 2 years by 2021 you can offload at N10,800,00.00 which means your house can buy another house within 3 years. Nobody else gives you such an investment advantage in the city of Lagos. It just might be the best investment you will ever make.


Your Budget Cannot Stop You

Visiting our site in Ajah and Awoyaya to see what we have done will convince you to make the call now. Take advantage of this and do not wait any longer, you simply cannot lose when you invest in Meridian Park Estate, because if your budget cannot stop you, nothing else should stop you.